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This narrative anthology centers writings by musicians of color from various perspectives who chose to pursue music as a career path in the western classical music field and how being a person of color within this field has affected them. These writings shine a light on the prejudice, stigmas, and stereotypes facing musicians of color in the music field. Many musicians of color face discrimination, bias, and prejudice at some point during their time within their careers but this is not fully known or acknowledged by everyone. The featured writings show that the challenges musicians of color face are common and systemic. With this anthology, more awareness is brought to what musicians of color face through first-hand accounts with the hope to make the western classical music field more inclusive and equitable space for all.

The Future of the Arts

Lorin Green (She/Her) is an arts leader, administrator, flutist, and educator in Seattle, WA. She currently serves as the Community Relations Manager of the Seattle Symphony where she acts as the bridge between the symphony and the community.

Recently, she was selected for and completed the League of American Orchestras Essentials of Orchestral Management Program at Juilliard. She was also recently appointed to the League of American Orchestras’s inaugural Student Leadership Council where she was one of the only five students to be chosen nationally.

Currently, Lorin is pursuing her Doctorate of Musical Arts in Flute Performance at the University of Washington. 

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